Mon march 18 2013 1:18 naisha ask me if i'm come up stairs? I turn my computer off and come up stairs problem:#1 when ever this bitch is listening to the radio. she start singing the song(booo!) and she can't sing so if you change the station she start to act like a real bitch for no fucking reason. In her mind she start to tell her sell that she does not care. this is a fact because, the bitch starts talking to her self and she get this attitude about the shit like life is going to end if you turn the channnle or change the fuck'en radio station . Please I had enought of this 32yr old shit. this bitch is a fucking retard and is really really staing to make it self apparent. Problem #2 When you try to tell her about the shit, she like to start her conversation with you being the one starting the shit because your complaining about the stupid shit she is doing.

it's like any thing before what you said was fine with her, until you complain about it, then at that very given moment your starting the problem because you have something to say about the way she is trying to piss you off.

It's starting to feel like this shit is backwards?

she keeps telling me stupid shit like "I'm suppose wait for you"? and my brain keep telling me "yea!", if I mean anything to you old ass stupid bitch. I getting to that point in this relationship where we're not seeing eye to eye any more.

This bitch has no job and no money in her pocket is 32yr old and Doesn't fucking care about anything I fucking do for her. She all way keeps telling me its not about money. and I keep asking my self if it's not about money then why the fuck does she keep complaining about not having a fucking pot to cook with. hun? this bitch is a grown 32yr old woman that that still watch WWE and Raw.

I've been with this bitch for 3yrs and nothing has change, every time someone ask her a logical question this bitch get an attitude.the bitch is so augmentative.
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